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It is no secret that poker has been a favorite card game for the chess players. And vice versa, the poker champion very often turns out to be a chess player as well. Starting with great names as GM Grischuk, going through Ylon Schwartz (on which NY times has an extensive article), and to the regular chess player, all seem fascinated by the similar patterns in logic and strategy.

For those looking to find anything and everything online poker related a great place is It covers all forms of poker, including: Texas Holdem Strategy, SNG and Multi-Table Tournament play, Omaha, and other mixed games.

The FlopTurnRiver forums are a great resource and home to some of the world’s best online poker players. With nearly 800,000 forum posts FTR has covered a great deal of topics regarding any form of poker. Each game is given it’s own separate sub-forum and other topics such as “Tools of Poker” and “Online Poker Rooms” give players a chance to discuss the latest in software updates for online poker.

You will find extensive bonus information for all of the reviews on FTR, and even exclusive bonuses for FTR members. One of the best bonuses offered is the Full Tilt bonus, which offers all new members 100% up to $600 on their first deposit. You also gain access to a special $500 monthly tournament, called the FTR500. There are many other great bonuses you can take advantage of as well. By using their PokerStars Marketing Code, FTR members receive an additional 50% on their first deposit bonus above and beyond the standard bonus, for a total of $75 free!

Rooms are ranked through five criteria: user-interface, action, support, fish-rating, and bonus-rating. All of the sites that are reviewed have great bonus codes which can be used to enhance a player’s initial deposit.

The site also contains many up-to-date informative sections, including poker-site reviews, bonus guides, and a constant stream of poker news. Players can also find information on black jack, other games, and sports betting.

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